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landscaping maintenance and tree service
Klean Sweep’s construction, complete tree and landscaping services are provided by our sister company, Southern California Tree & Landscape, Inc.

At Southern California Tree & Landscape, our services are designed to massively improve the appearance of your property in a cost-effective manner.

Our team of experienced landscape managers possess the tools and skills to design, install and maintain a customized landscaping plan that is unique to your location and budgetary needs

If you have any questions or are ready to request a consultation and quote, contact us today.


Your lawn and landscape need ongoing attention to stay healthy, clean, safe, and attractive. That’s why our expert team provides science-based maintenance solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. When combined with proper mowing and water techniques, these services can maximize your landscape to its greatest potential, and keep your lawn and plants looking healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Southern California Tree & Landscape is experienced in all phases of landscaping design, construction, and implementation for residential and commercial properties. Whether you have an expansive parcel or a small coastal site, our services will provide an impressive boost to overall curb appeal. And with our expertise in creating beautiful sustainable ecosystems while minimizing water usage, it’s never been easier to help keep our planet green.

According to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), pruning is the most common and effective tree health maintenance procedure. Far from being a haphazard or arbitrary method, proper pruning requires expert knowledge and professional climbers. When you work with SCTL, you get the benefit of our fully ISA-certified arborist, who will utilize his exhaustive knowledge of tree biology and extensive field experience to help you create the perfect plan for your trees.

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concrete floor scrubbing. Parking structure, warehouse, etc.
If your property has a parking structure or concrete warehouse floor, you know how fast they get dirty - and how hard they can be to maintain. We have the solution - efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Klean Sweep’s concrete floor scrubbing division utilizes the latest PowerBoss Nautilus ride-on scrubbing machines to clean commercial parking structures, warehouse facilities, machine shops, and a wide variety of other floor types. Our experienced scrubbing crews pride themselves on top quality work and devising innovative solutions to large and complex cleaning assignments.

No job is too small or too big – all sizes of parking structures (from 50 to 3,000+ spaces) and warehouse floors (10,000 to 500,000+ square feet) can be accommodated.

Got a unique floor surface such as an airplane hangar? We can handle that too.



The benefits of scrubbing over other types of concrete floor cleaning such as steam cleaning are numerous and significant:

  • Control and maneuverability, even in tight spaces.
  • Efficient water utilization.
  • Effective in helping to remove stubborn stains and grime.
  • Can easily accommodate differing concrete surfaces.
  • Floor is left traffic ready after cleaning.

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power washing, steam cleaning, and pressure washing services
Klean Sweep’s steam cleaning and high pressure washing division delivers industry-leading results over a broad array of surfaces and structure compositions.

Both steam cleaning and pressure washing are incredibly versatile services, and can help you keep every aspect of your property looking fresh.

Klean Sweep’s surface cleaning personnel average over twenty years experience, and will work with you to create the perfectly customized remedy – the right frequency, the right amount of solution, the right pressure, and the right temperature – to best clean your desired surface.


Our specialized approach to surface cleaning, using specially formulated non-toxic cleaning agents and state-of-the-art equipment, can make a world of difference for almost any surface, including:

  • Concrete sidewalks (natural, stained, stamped, or composite)
  • Concrete surfaces (such as loading docks, oil changing stations, or other industrial work areas)
  • Trash enclosures
  • Fountain areas
  • Ledges
  • And much more…

Got a hard to clean surface or structure?


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stormwater solutions for L.A.
Avoiding dirty runoff from your site can feel like a full-time job - that’s why the experts at Klean Sweep are your partners in the fight against stormwater pollution. Our solutions are cost-effective and eco-friendly - so we can all do our part.

Stormwater pollution is a very real threat that faces a wide swath of industries. If you have a construction site, industrial or manufacturing plant, or other commercial property, you know how much vigilant work goes into staying environmentally responsible.  

At Klean Sweep, we actively partner with stormwater and environmental consultants, so you get the all the benefits of our cutting edge pollution-prevention expertise.

Contact us today for a free consultation on a customized program to improve your current stormwater results and assist with future compliance.


    day porter - ongoing exterior maintenance
    From apartments to shopping centers, Klean Sweep can keep your property looking fresh.

    Ongoing upkeep of your property’s exterior areas enhances its appearance and keeps customers coming back. Klean Sweep’s day porter operations are designed to provide exterior cleaning services to commercial, industrial and retail properties on a regular basis, according to your particular needs.

    After reviewing your unique requirements, Klean Sweep’s experts will design a regular maintenance program to keep your property looking top notch. No matter the frequency, property, or budget, we’ll have a solution for you.



    Klean Sweep’s day porter services can include everything from emptying exterior trash cans to washing windows and picking up loose litter on the premises.

    We are in constant contact with our day porter crews, so special requests or emergency clean-up situations can almost always be handled on a real-time basis. Our crews also report back to our office any unusual situations or repair requirements that may affect your property – providing you an extra set of eyes and helping you avoid potential damage or liability issues.

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    parking lot sweeping and Street sweeping services in los angeles
    Parking lots and streets are the first impression of your business location or property - and they can be the hardest to maintain. Klean Sweep has 50 years of sweeping experience, 24/7 service availability, an expert team of sweepers - and a solution for you.

    Street sweeping and parking lot sweeping have been the bread and butter of Klean Sweep’s business since 1969. We’ve serviced all sorts of industries and properties – ranging from strip malls to mega malls, oil refineries to aerospace facilities, business parks to stadiums, racetracks to movie studios, apartment complexes to high rises, city streets to construction sites – and everything in between.


    Whether you need a one-time sweep or an ongoing maintenance plan, we can work with your budget, schedule, and unique needs to provide the best service that the industry has to offer.


    The Klean Sweep Advantage

    Our extensive fleet of sweeper trucks and equipment includes the latest in street & parking lot sweeping technology, so that you get the most efficient and highest quality sweeping there is.

    Our decades of experience give us an unparalleled perspective on how to best partner with you and your unique needs.

    To learn more about the Klean Sweep Advantage and schedule a consultation, contact us today.