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From apartments to shopping centers, Klean Sweep can keep your property looking fresh.

Ongoing upkeep of your property’s exterior areas enhances its appearance and keeps customers coming back. Klean Sweep’s day porter operations are designed to provide exterior cleaning services to commercial, industrial and retail properties on a regular basis, according to your particular needs.

After reviewing your unique requirements, Klean Sweep’s experts will design a regular maintenance program to keep your property looking top notch. No matter the frequency, property, or budget, we’ll have a solution for you.



Klean Sweep’s day porter services can include everything from emptying exterior trash cans to washing windows and picking up loose litter on the premises.

We are in constant contact with our day porter crews, so special requests or emergency clean-up situations can almost always be handled on a real-time basis. Our crews also report back to our office any unusual situations or repair requirements that may affect your property – providing you an extra set of eyes and helping you avoid potential damage or liability issues.

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