Steam Cleaning & High Pressure Washing

Commercial and Industrial Steam CleaningKlean-Sweep’s steam cleaning and high pressure washing operations delivery industry leading results over a broad array of surfaces and structure compositions. Concrete sidewalks (natural, stained, stamped or composite), concrete or tile floors, trash enclosures, fountain areas, building facades, composite and metal roof lines, awnings and canopies, exterior signage, architectural statuary and many other surfaces all benefit from Klean-Sweep’s specialized approach to surface cleaning.

High Pressure Washing

• Klean-Sweep’s steam cleaning and high pressure washing personnel average over ten years experience.
• All cleaning agents used are non-toxic and specially formulated for us.
• Only state-of-the-art equipment is used and is custom designed to our specifications.
• 24 hour, seven-day a week service is available.
• Flexible service plan schedules are available – whether it be quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or even daily service – Klean-Sweep will create a customized service plan to ensure your property is well maintained.